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We’ll review your financial records and learn about your business to provide a fair evaluation of your business’s worth. Don’t worry — all of your information is 100% confidential and protected by a NDA.

Broker Agreement

If your business meets Kingdom Broker’s quality standards, we’ll provide you with a broker agreement outlining the asking price and guaranteeing that we only get paid when you close the deal.

Marketing Package

You know how special your business is, and our marketing team has the experience and skills to create a stunning package so investors can see how unique and valuable your business is, too.


Kingdom Broker works with a network of trusted lenders available to help set your business up for a successful sale with the right buyer. Our team is available to help organize SBA 7a financing options.

Are You Looking to Sell Your Business?

Your Path to Selling
Your Business with

When you trust Kingdom Broker to sell your business, you’re placing your legacy in good hands to ensure a smooth, transparent transition to a reputable buyer who willcare for your business with as much passion as you did. Our primary database of buyers has been meticulously vetted to create a trustworthy legacy business marketplace of investment opportunities.

Who Can Sell a Business?

Almost Anyone Can Sell a Business Through

Your business is more than just a company — it’s a testament of your hard work, passion, dedication, and dreams. Value drives every transaction we oversee, which is why we partner only with sellers who:

The Acquisition Process Is Simple...

Step 1

Complete the Form

Tell us about your business! We want to know more than just the numbers — we also care about the heart and soul of what makes your business unique.

Step 2

Business Evaluation

Our team will perform an in-depth evaluation of your business to determine what it’s worth and the acceptable price range of offers you should expect.

Step 3

Follow Up Call

What’s next? Our team will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss the opportunities for your business and explain the next steps.

At Kingdom Brokers, Our Primary Focus Lies Within These Industries

E-Commerce Ventures

We handle online B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C companies in the e-commerce marketplace.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If your business provides software to users via cloud-based apps, we can help you sell it.

Service-Based Businesses

Companies that provide a service are a special kind of legacy we’re dedicated to protecting.

and many more...

Client FAQs on Selling with Kingdom Brokers

Our goal is to be completely transparent for potential buyers, which means we expect our sellers to provide a thorough snapshot of their business. Be prepared to send us:
  • Monthly revenue details (gross revenue vs. net profit)
  • Loan history
  • Seller’s personal contact information
  • Website history, including URL, purchase/creation date, site stats, backlinks, etc.
  • Verifiable monthly expenses
  • Google Analytics data
We take a personalized, hands-on approach to each and every business we represent, so we may request additional information depending on your unique situation.

How long does it typically take to sell a business?
Timeframes vary depending on a wide range of factors, including the type of business you’re selling, how established it is, how much prep work is required for our team to create a marketing package, et cetera. Typically, businesses with a listing price under $100k close quickly. Most sales happen within two to eight weeks. If your business hasn’t been sold by the end of our two-month exclusivity period, our team will meet with you to provide professional advice based on reliable feedback from our buyers so we can make strategy adjustments in network or better prepare you for the next stage if you opt to transfer your listing elsewhere.

We request a minimum two-month exclusivity period to list your business in our network while we field leads and negotiate offers on your behalf. If a deal hasn’t been reached at the end of that period, you have the option of continuing to list with Kingdom Brokers or removing the listing to try somewhere else.

We do NOT charge a listing fee, which means you don’t have to pay anything if we can’t sell your business.

Selling a Business Made Easy

Embark on a secure journey to sell your company with Kingdom Brokers by your side. Our experienced guidance ensures a smooth and hassle-free process from start to successful completion of your sale.

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Looking to Buy or Sell Your Business? The Kingdom Broker’s Team Can Help

Fill out the form and we will reach you out in less than 24 hours. Remember to check your email’s spam folder.

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Looking to Buy or Sell Your Business? The Kingdom Broker’s Team Can Help

Fill out the form and we will reach you out in less than 24 hours. Remember to check your email’s spam folder.