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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Aligning values and preserving legacy

Our Mission

At Kingdom Broker, our mission is to simplify the business buying and selling journey through unwavering integrity. We've engineered a seamless process that ensures transparency, making your business transactions straightforward and stress-free.

Kingdom Broker’s Promise of Ethical Business Acquisitions

Legacy Preservation

Every business tells a unique story. We’re committed to making sure those stories live on to be shared and built upon in the next chapter of a community’s legacy.

Value-Driven Deals

We prioritize value-based business sales over financial metrics, ensuring a smooth transition to new owners who respect and understand the ethos of their acquisition.


Beyond brokering, we empower business owners with all the tools and resources they need to help them make informed decisions for their legacy’s future.

Community Building

What we do goes far beyond networking — we nurture a community of like-minded entrepreneurs driven by shared values and visions for a brighter tomorrow.

Meet the Team!
Business Specialists at Your Service

Brian Orme


Brian is an author and spiritual advisor to business leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs around the world. His distinct speaking and consulting styles, including his unique perspective of Kingdom realities, have kept his calendar full with a busy schedule. He’s the founder and CEO of Anomali Ventures, the CEO and co-founder of Triscend LLC, and the co-founder of the nonprofit Kingdomstrate. Brian lives in San Diego with his wife Cecilee and their children Eowyn and Liam.

Eric S

Eric Skeldon


Eric is the CEO and #1 bestselling author of The Kingdom Mind, Wealth With Purpose, and Kingdom Real Estate Secrets. He also serves as the CEO of Kingdom Warriors Studios and the president of Kingdom Warriors University (KWU). Eric is a devoted husband to Felicia Skeldon and a proud father to five inspiring daughters. He believes in transforming mindsets for financial stability, legacy building, and unlocking true potential. As a living example, Eric partners with God to turn dreams into reality and share his wisdom to help others succeed. A highly sought-after speaker and investor, he’s dedicated to empowering others for a brighter future.

Sebastian Harris

COO and Founder

Sebastian is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, and strategist. He recently launched and scaled PSQ Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:PSQH) from inception to IPO in two and a half years, serving as the company’s chief operating officer and co-founder. In 2019, Sebastian founded and operated his own consultancy that focused on helping values-based entrepreneurs achieve growth through respectable business strategies. The following year, Sebastian founded Raising Royalty Ltd., a New Zealand company that empowered faith-based entrepreneurs and reached seven figures in revenue after only twelve months of operation. Sebastian also serves on the boards of various ethical startups and organizations.

Becky Leathers

Founder of Blockchain Becky LLC- Blockchain and Tech Specialist

Becky is a self-taught crypto enthusiast and mother of three. In a span of three years, she turned a $9,000 investment in mining nodes into almost $4 million by November 2021, earning her the nickname “Blockchain Becky.” In addition to crypto, she loves spending time with her family, eating great food, and exploring what the world has to offer.

Matt Potter

Founder of & Strategic Advisor

Matt is a co-founder of, the world’s #1 app for daily prayer and faith-based audio content. Driven by a mission to grow faith and cultivate community, Matthew brings his expertise to the areas of strategizing change, building tech products and apps, and discovering markets in the continuously evolving technology industry.

Bernadette Cole

Strategic Advisor

Bernadette is a JOHN MAXWELL certified mentor, coach, and speaker; a Brian Buffini certified mentor; a CDRS Elite; and she holds a GRI certification along with her bachelor of science in financial services from Wright State University. She is a seasoned real estate agent, broker, and owner of multiple EXIT Realty locations in Maryland and Virginia with an impressive track record of achievements, including Rookie of the Year for Charles County, MD eight times, recognition by REALTrends Up and Comers in 2018, and RealTrends Nations Best Top 1 of Brokerages in the Nation in 2019. Bernadette’s businesses have spearheaded various outreach programs for the community, including efforts to support military and first responders, fight human trafficking, and combat homelessness. She and her husband, retired USAF Lt Col and United Airlines pilot Alex Cole, are the proud parents of Marcus, Brianna, and Angelina.

We Connect Businesses and Buyers in a Marketplace Built on Trust


Our network of buyers is carefully vetted to ensure an alignment of values and goals. We don’t work with buyers who are only interested in undercutting sales and dismantling the businesses they acquire. Every buyer we partner with is dedicated to ethical business investments.

Kingdom Broker

Our team facilitates the connection between passionate entrepreneurs passing theirlegacy on to new owners who are ready and capable of transitioning the business into its next chapter while keeping its values intact. We offer a safe, trustworthy space to foster impact-driven business transitions.

Business Owners

We work with entrepreneurs who have poured their heart and soul into building a business from the ground up and making a positive impact on their community. While closing the book on such a passionate chapter might be difficult, business owners can rest a little easier knowing that their legacy will live on.

Our Partners

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